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In this lyrical meditation on listening, Jean-Luc Nancy examines sound in relation to the human body. How is listening different from hearing? What does listening entail? How does what is heard differ

ISBN10 : 082322774X , ISBN13 : 9780823227747

Page Number : 100

Hand To Hand

In meditations on Rembrandt, Delacroix, Manet, Verlaine, Keats and other artists, Chretien shows how 'talking hands of painters' and the 'secretly lucid' voices of poets confront the finitude of the h

ISBN10 : 9780823222902 , ISBN13 : 082322290X

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How have we thought the body? How can we think it anew? The body of mortal creatures, the body politic, the body of letters and of laws, the mystical body of Christ-all these (and others) are incorpor

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Page Number : 208