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Into The Storm

RueAnn Boggs meets Charles Tolliver, a handsome Brit with a secret job, and in the course of twenty-four hours, RueAnn is swept off her feet—seduced, wed, and then left by dashing Charlie, who hasti

ISBN10 : 1626816999 , ISBN13 : 9781626816992

Page Number : 278

After The Fall

With Into the Storm, Lisa Bingham wove a spellbinding romance set during the Blitz. Now, she turns her eye to the Pacific in this gorgeous WWII tale of courage, fear, and love on an island doomed to f

ISBN10 : 1626817103 , ISBN13 : 9781626817104

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Eden Creek

Betrayed by a man she thought she could trust, Ginny Parker hastily agrees to a prearranged marriage to Orrin Ghant--who wants only a mother for his three daughters and a companion with whom to face t

ISBN10 : 9780671728076 , ISBN13 : 0671728075

Page Number : 288

The Bengal Rubies

Slater McKendrick plans to abduct the daughter of the man who had stolen his family's rubies, but when he sees the lovely Aloise Crawford, he finds a soulmate instead. By the author of Temptation's Ki

ISBN10 : 9780671770952 , ISBN13 : 0671770950

Page Number : 288

Wild Escapade

Stumbling into the world of handsome Logan Campbell en route to a teaching position in the untamed west, Felicity Pedigrue becomes involved in his Underground Railroad efforts at a house of ill repute

ISBN10 : 9780671528041 , ISBN13 : 0671528041

Page Number : 304